Clear lines, but still won't drain

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Our first floor bathroom sink drains very slowly (i.e., takes several days to drain one or two quarts of water). We've had it snaked professionally, and we told that there is no blockage. The drain was not this slow when we bought the house 5-1/2 years ago. What could be the problem? Any ideas for a solution?
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that problem should not be that difficult
to remedy,the waste arm on a lavatory isnt
that long.the plumber should of been able to take care of that no problem.are there any
surcumstances that you know of that would
make this job difficult?does the bathroom sink back up when the kitchen sink is ran?
is the house on a slab?are these back to back
sinks you are talking about,or just one
single old is the house?
let me know please.
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also have you tried removing the drain
plug in the sink,the portion that moves
up and down,alot of times the stoppage will
be there,sometimes you will find a pound
of hair wrapped around it.
Hope the advice is helpful..
Garrett Plumbing Co.
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Sounds like it might be a problem with the vent being plugged. Has that been cleared?
Also, a snake will plow right through drain scum, and you might want to get a good build-up remover (NOT something to unplug the drain like LiquidPlummer because that will just flow through).Just follow build-up remover directions. Worked for me with same problem.

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