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My two outside taps have leaked forever...I was told that they are so old that they probably need replacing(26?) I went to take handles off and TRY once more to replace washers....the screw (Philips?) would not come out and now the indent is hooped...screwed, so to speak. This tap is a pain a to shut if off I have to go into a VERY cramped crawlspace...so I turn the whole house off to change this....Both taps are very awkward to deal with, and it's a nuisance each time.
How to proceed here???
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sounds like the answer is to replace.
if the hose bibbs thread on and you can
remove the entire hose bibb body by
threading it off then thats good.
if they are soldered onto copper you
will have to access from crawl,unless
there is enough play that allows you to
pull the hose bibb away from the wall
then you can lightly clamp a pair of
vise grips arond the pipe to hold it
away from the wall while you replace.
just sweat the old one off and sweat the
new one in place.
Hope that helped,
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Hi, just a thought, when you have turned the water off to replace your taps why not put new stopcocks on the pipe under the taps then replace the taps, then when you have to work on them again in the future you dont have to go into the crawl space to turn the water off, you just turn the stopcock under the tap your working on and hey presto water stops, :-)) I hope this helps a little, Handyman

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