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Hey I have poor water pressure in my sink and I just had copper installed but it comes from a galvanized feed. should I replace the faucet or the galvanized pipe?
Also I'm thinkning of replacing my galvanized piping with copper(everything, from main on). My pipes are exposed in the basement. Is this something I should attempt. or pay someone?
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Non-pro, here, but I've been doing my own plumbing for many years (have worked with galvanized,copper and PVC). Low water pressure is most very likely due to scale build-up in galvanized pipe, which they're know for. I would replace from main on with white plastic PVC which is much easier to install (just hacksaw and glue) than copper (soldering every joint). Will probably be 3/4" line and fittings from main, and just match step-down in size as you go (3/4 to 1/2, to 3/8). Plenty of free literature avail on plumbing. Good time to install cut-off valves everywhere, if you don't have them. Good Luck.
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PVC for cold water lines only, of course, CPVC for hot.
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place a water test guage on the hose spigot
on the front of your house and turn the spigot on,it should read between 50/80 psi.
this reading needs to be noted while there
is nothing at all running in the house,
keeping the hose spigot on take note of
the pressure reading,leave it on and walk
inside and turn on the cold only on the
bath tub,leave it on and walk out side and
see what the pressure reads now,It should
not of dropped more than 10/15psi,if it dropped 15psi or more that isnt good.this is
what you call friction loss,mistaken for low pressure.if the guage read, lets say 70psi
with nothing else turned on this is good
pressure,and if the guage does not drop
more than 15psi your water line does not
need to be replaced.but you be the judge,
if the standing pressure is only 50psi and
you have a 15 pound drop on the guage,this
only leaves you with 35 pounds of useable
pressure,thats sad.look for a 80standind-
70running combo or better to rule out the
water service.tell me if this makes since
to you,if not I can help further,keep in
mind that length of water service plays a
significant role in this evaluation also.
Garrett Plumbing Co
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also,if you do end up replacing the water service the pvc should not proceed any
further than 6 inchs past the inside of
the foundation wall,it is not approved for interior water piping,continue the water pipe job with cpvc or copper(I like copper!)
be sure to replace the PRV and gate valve,
full port only we dont want any restrictions.
(full port gate valve).
I also prefer copper over pvc anyday,unless
you are on a well.

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