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I live in a 2 story townhouse and I am experiencing 2 problems which may be related-in the downstairs bathroom, after your flush, a loud whistle begins and keeps going for about 10 minutes-it gets softer as time progresses until finally stoping. Does anybody know what is causing this and can I fix it? In the upstairs shower when you first turn on the hot and cold water a loud banging noise begins and when it does the hot water decreases-when you increase the hot water pressure with the faucet knob the noise stops and the hot water returns. I would really like to know what the noises are-do I have air in the line and if so can I eliminate it? Any info would be appreciated because sometimes the noises are so loud you would think something is going to blow. Thanks

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A couple of my of the wall suggestions. Hope they help you.

Regarding the toilet:
Try adjusting the incoming water volume using the water shut off valve located underneath the bowl.

Try this with the water flow valve located inside the tank too. All else fails, replace the tank flow valve with a new replacement.

Regarding the shower:
If the shower has a single lever to make the adjustment, the cartridge may need to be replaced.

If the hot and cold water each has it's own faucet, try replacing the valve washers.

Other then these suggestions, since I am NOT a plummer, I cannot think of anything else you can try/do yourself. You may need to contact a plummer.

Hopefully, a real plummer will post other possibilities for you to try.

Good Luck,

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