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The water pressure in our shower suddenly left us and is really weak. It used to be too forceful. The water pressure is ok for all of the other faucets in our house. Is there anything I can check before we call a plumber?

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Sure. Take the showerhead off, and soak overnight in vinegar, if it looks clogged. Run water without showerhead on, and flush line. Good Luck!
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Thanks, oldguy. But I guess I wasn't clear. I should've said that the shower was a standard shower/tub combo and the water was weak coming from both the showerhead and the spigot.

Anyway, we had to call the plumber today because the pressure grew too weak to even keep the stem up to make the shower go. It turns out that the hardware that you pull out to make the water start and get hotter or colder (notice the technical terms I'm using!! :-)) was messed up and needed to be replaced. (I'm getting this all second-hand because I had to feed the babies while they were here) They said something about our water heater had been recalled (or a part on it had) and this caused the problem in the first place. They were going to have to contact our landlord about that one before they worked on it.

Anyway, happily they were able to come out and fix this all in under an hour from our initial call.


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