Toilet Bowl Water Disappearing


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I have a seldom used toilet in a guest room that is losing the water in the bowl. (My house is 6 years old.) The level goes down very slowly so that after a couple of weeks, the bowl is completely dry. There is no evi-dence of leaking around the bottom on the floor. What would cause the bowl to go dry?
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Sounds like the wax seal under your toilet is leaking. You will need to turn off water, flush toilet. Dry out tank and toilet with sponge or towel. Undo the two floor bolts holding toilet to flange. Carefully turn toilet and tank over on side. Scrape old wax seal off bottom of toilet and floor flange with putty knife. Place new wax ring (recommend the one with plastic flange) on toilet (it will stick). Carefully reseat toilet on flange, and compress wax ring by standing on and rocking toilet slightly until toilet sets flush and level on floor. If your bolts are corroded, replace those too. Don't over tighten bolts. May crack toilet base. Just tighten snuggly so that you can't nove toilet. Should solve your problem. Good Luck!

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