Pilot light on gas water heater


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My pilot light on my gas water heater goes out every couple of days. It has been doing this for a couple of weeks. Is there any way I can repair this without getting a completely new heater? Perhaps a new thermostat? Don't know much about water heaters, but have worked on gas heaters before.
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Sounds like it is the thermocuple. Inexpensive and fairly easy to replace. The main consideration when buying another thermocuple is the length.

If you ask them at the store they will have some advice for you.
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It does sound like the thermocouple is bad.
I would suggest you contact the gas utility first. The problem may be just a dirty/dusty pilot flame or another minor problem.

Most gas suppliers offer a free in home service check on gas appliances. Ask your supplier before you attempt a fix or buy any parts.

Good Luck

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