Water line to a pier. what do I use?


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Water line to a pier. what do I use?

Hi all.

I want to run a water line about 200 yards from my house to a pier. I would like to minimize my plumbing costs if at all possible.

I know i need a trencher to place the line at least 2 feet under to avoid freezing.

1. what kind of line should i use? do i need pvc or copper pipe? do they make an underground hose?

2. If i attach it in the crawspace, do i have to bury it before it leaves the house?

3. How do I attach the spigot at the pier, so as not to have the line freeze?

someone told me about a "deep plunger" spigoit simmilar to a wll pump. what is this?

any input greatly apprecaited!!
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Run a 1" white plastic Schedule 40 PVC 200' water line to the pier with a cut-off valve at (or under) the house. All that you have to do is to prime and glue it with PVC primer and glue to make it up. The pipe comes in 20' lengths with "built-in" couplings. Easiest and least expensive, especially compared to copper.
Tunnel under the crawlspace foundation to tie into the 2' trench.
Install a "T" at the end of the pipe with a spigot off the lowest point in order to drain the line for the winter.
The "deep plunger" spigot must be someone's description of a "frost proof" spigot, but you don't need that because you need to drain the whole line for the winter.
Good Luck!
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Thanks mike.

i have a dumb question.

about the T at the end of the line. How can i put a spigot at the low point since it will be trenched 2 feet down?

I don't think i understand that part of it. as it comes to the pier, how do i get the water line to come up out of the ground and make it either frostproof, or drainable (is that a word?)


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You can do it one of two ways.
Drill and seal a hole (black plastic roofing cement) through the bulkhead (if you have one where the pipe ends up at the shoreline) and put a drain spigot off of a "T" there.
The pipe is 2' below ground level, and shouldn't freeze anywhere until you reach the shoreline.
Or, you can just turn off the water to it, drain the line to the pier, and hope that nothing will freeze and burst.
If you turn the water off to it and drain it down as much as you can, it may not freeze enough to cause damage, depending upon where you live.
Good Luck!
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I'm not sure you can use this method, but I installed plastic "manholes" at the lowest ends of the pipes I ran for my lawn watering system. They are probably not called "manholes," but that is what they remind me of. You can purchase them at HD or Lowes. I plumbed a Tee and valve at the bottom of this thing. For winter, I just remove the lid, reach down and drain water from the lines into the hole. By the way, I dug about 6" deeper than the pipe and filled with gravel for drainage below the drain valve.

Good luck,

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