One-way Drain Valve?


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One-way Drain Valve?

I have a 4" drain in my garage floor that I believe is connected to the city storm drains. When we get over 1" of rain it backs up onto my garage floor and causes a 2-3” puddle. It only happens maybe 2-3 times a year, and the puddle eventually goes back down the drain when the rain stops, but I’d like to correct this if there is a simple solution. Is there a one-way value or drain cover that would just stop the water from backing up?
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Look into getting an in-line 4" flapper valve to prevent the backflow.
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Arrow < WaterPlug this device into the opening of your drain with the ball floating on the surface of trap water with the assembly down with washer facing towards the trap.

This way when the drain backs up, the ball floats up to the mating surface of the washer, and seals off the drain. Don't caulk this in, it will pop out with significant hydropressure.

This device allows the drain to be functional while protecting from backups.

Why isn't drain cleaning a option? Has it been cleaned before?

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I haven’t snaked it, but I did run a hose directly into the drain for about 20min without a backup so I’m guessing that this problem is caused by an overflow in the storm drain. I knew there had to be a valve that would work and it looks like the “ball floating“ device is the answer, what is the official name? Where can I find one (haven't seen it at HD or Lowes)?
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Any big box store. I ended up with those from Sears.

The device is made from Prairie Home Products.

Lowe's is notorious for selling that brand name.

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