rpz for sprinkler


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rpz for sprinkler

i had a sprinkler system installed last year. according to local code an rpz backflow preventer was required. it was removed last fall when the system was purged and winterized and i need to reinstall it but not sure which way is which. there is an arrow marking on the side of the rpz. am i correct in assuming that is the direction of flow?
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That is correct, the arrow denotes the direction of flow. Also a Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer must be installed in a horizontal position to provide proper operation of the relief valve
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Okay, I'll ask...

Are you legally allowed to plumb the RPZ and does it require a certification test before you use it? If you are on municipal water pay close attention.

You absolutely need to call the water department or code inforcement and ask about this. This is a federally driven program imposed on the water utility to protect the water quality. Normally you need a special license to do this work, not all plumbers are equal or qualified to do this work. Now for the fun part, there are hefty fines for not following the letter of the law.

Just thought you might want to know about this.
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Commercial requirements and residential requirements are two different stories in the realm of enforcement.

Trickle down theory at most.

When any backflow device is installed, it should be installed by a licensed Journeyman plumber along with backflow certification in the state you reside in.

They are supposed to, be tested when first installed, every year, and whenever the device has been moved.

This holds true for commercial use without a doubt, but when talking residential, enforcement is usually lacking.

If this was taken out just for winterizing, you as a homeowner can reinstall the unit with nothing to be concerned of.

There will be a raised arrow cast into the brass housing of the assembly that gives the direction of flow.

Should be numbers also marking the test c o c k openings on the valve also, starting as #1 to #4.

Take a picture of the assembly, depending on the model, and I can tell you what direction it goes.

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