Use of plastic can prove costly


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Thumbs down Use of plastic can prove costly

This is what happens when you deal with plastic components in plumbing.

Old toilet supply that looks perfectly fine until you touch it.

All I went for to this job was to fix a leaking toilet and thank god that I always double and triple check my work.

This connection started to leak starting out small, and before I was able to shut the water off, this supply line burst right as I was reaching to shut water off. Initially, this connection wasn't leaking after it was reattached to toilet, took about 10 minutes to start leaking.

The plastic insert over time hardened, became brittle, and snapped like a dry twig in a forest.

If for some reason I didn't check my work, I would be owning a major catastrophe right now, along with a call to my liability insurance explaining the problem.

Last person that touches it, owns it, and that would of been my hands.

Just the small movement of taking it off the fill valve and replacing it was all it took to cause this.

And I am sure that being a flexible supply having that plastic in a strain right at the connection has a vital part in its issue of breaking.

What if this customer left for vacation right after I repaired this toilet?

I don't think the family pets would of went down to basement to shut the main off (straight stop barely closes to toilet) and how many minutes, hours, or days would the damage occur?

There is something to be said about using quality products whenever buying materials in relation to plumbing. There will always be a product that is cheaper, and the design is always for the initial, but not down the road as all can see.

I have repaired two toilet PEX supply ruptures, one break at the top where supply nut pushes into bottom of the fill valve, one in the piping itself. 2 cracked plastic toilet supply nuts that came with toilets.

That is 4 service calls right there, 2 of them caused damage worthy of the insurance company being involved.

Makes you wander if I am complaining or praising in this post, but plastic products over time prove themselves unreliable, and today I skimmed the responsibility of someone else's effort to save a buck at the time of supply line replacement.

In this case, the current homeowner didn't do this, it came with the house with no one knowing its potential to do damage till the plumber had to deal with it.

To all plumbers: Those Stainless Steel Flex Supplies come in Brass and Plastic barbs in the end of them. If you install more than one supply line a year, I would seriously suggest using the all brass ones to save your reputation in the words of consumer protection and product liability.
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Great pic and it is worth a thousand words not to mention a few bucks.

You should have bought a lottery ticket after that job....
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