Lime build-up or soap powder in drain.


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I either have lime build-up or soap powder build-up in my drains which are running slow. Any suggestions on what may break this down?
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One good build-up remover product to clean out sluggish drains is Drain Care. I use it myself. It's not for clearing completely plugged drains, like Drano. It is an enzyme-based product that you activate by running warm water through the drain, then pour in Drain Care. Let it eat soap, grease, and other organic material clinging to inside length of pipes for at least 6 hours. Repeat, if necessary. Just follow directions on plastic jug. Works great. Should be able to find it at Wal-mart, Lowe's, etc. Unless you have another problem downstream causing sluggish drains, this should do it. Good Luck!
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Thanks Old Guy. Is my problem organic? I cleaned some of this out through my "cleanout" but I know some is still there.

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The stuff Oldguy suggested works well, and it's not as harsh as some of the other products on the market. We're on a septic so that's always a consideration.

Dead skin and hairballs glued together with soap scum sounds pretty organic. If it is mineral accumulation, there are products available to clean that too. i.e.,CLR.

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Thanks Jacksprat .
The reason I asked the question about being organic is because I did not have hairballs and dead skin nor was that ever mentioned. As I was cleaning out the line, I did not see any of this. In the pipe walls I had huge chunks of white hard material.
My bathrooms and showers join this section of my drain further down the line. All that is on this particlar line is the kitchen sink and washing machine.
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No offence intended...sorry. It sounds like you have a few years of accumulated gunk, I believe its called. Are the kitchen and laundry up or downstream of the bath? How old is your house and what is the drain made of? Are you on a septic?
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Jacksprat, the kitchen and laundry are upstream. The house is 11 years old. Drain is made of PVC. I am on city sewer.



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