Coffee Grounds down the drain


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Coffee Grounds down the drain

I am looking for the definitive answer here. I've heard opinions but has anyone confirmed one way or the other whether you can safely dispose of coffee grounds down the sink drain?

One of the major manufactures of garbage diposers says, grounds are no problem...for their disposer.

Can someone tell me that they've thrown away coffee grounds for 20 years with no problem. Or has someone repeatedly had to clear drains that were clogged with grounds?

I've been dumping grounds down my sink for a couple years with no problems. My neighbor's opinion says they will build up and lodge. But then with enough water they flow along very nicely. So what says practical experience?
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All that dispose of coffee grounds do it in different ways. The majority "dry dump" the grounds and over time, lines the trap up with dirt scale, which in turn causes the clog.

Coffee grounds act like sand in a drain system, and lodge in soft matter buildup.

But, by all means, do as you may, I have drain cleaning equipment that stays well used by people's habits of throwing the wrong waste down pipes.

I love it actually. In and out usually in 20 minutes and $$$ later I am on to the next misuse of drains. Wooooohooooooooooooooooooooooo!
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Lightbulb Alternative Usage For Used Coffee Grounds

Hello: Grizzle

What works well for one piping system does not ensure the same for all systems. Grounds in some systems flush well while in others do not.

Much depends upon the existing conditions with, of and inside the drain piping system. New pipes and or clean internal pipes do not often present clogging problems. More likely results in older piping systems.

Volume of water used, to flush coffee grounds out of the house piping and into the main sewage line helps but does not ensure problems will not result.

Thus a definitive answer is not likely to apply in all cases. Simply too many variables. However, below is or maybe the next best solution, in my opinion.

Coffee grounds as fertilizer:
Best method, if possible, is to use the grounds as a fertilizer in gardens where acid loving plants, like roses, etc are planted. Spread them around. The acids they contain are than released during watering and or rain fall.

Cultivating into soil is not always needed but still a good idea. If not possible at the time of dumping, doing so later is okay. Or simply bury the grounds. either method works fine. And the plants will benefit from the method done in either fashion...

Helps to recycle the grounds and saves on plumbing bills too....

Regards & Good Luck
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Thumbs up

When I performed service plumbing repair, I'd estimate that 95% of my drain back up's in commercial buildings was caused by the office coffee pot.

Dunbar is very right on several points in his post. Cha-Ching!

All it takes is one little belly in a line for the grounds to accumulate and then problems start to develop.
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