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Toilet flushes but waste does not go down. Seems like not enough pressure?
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If the waste isn't going down, then the toilet isn't flushing. You have a blockage, either in the line or in the toilet itself. Low pressure isn't an issue (unless you have a 1.6 gallon toilet with a pressurized tank)since the flushing is accomplished by gravity.
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There could be several possibilities for the problem you discribed.

Check the water level in the tank.

Unclog and restrictions that may be in the elbow in the bowl. Use a plunger to unclog it, if need be. Fact is; Do it anyway, just to be sure.

The water in the tank may not be entering the bowl fast enough to flush the bowl. Check for restrictions in the holes just under the rim of the bowl where the water enters the bowl to clean the sides of the bowl.

Use a piece of coat hanger wire and gently swirl it around in every hole to clear them.

Then add some lime away cleaner into the overflow tube located in the middle of the tank. Add a pint, wait several hours, flush and re-add another pint and let this sit over night before re-flushing.

Good Luck,

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