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This morning I flushed the toilet and instead of flushing, it filled dangerously close to the top. Being late for work, I jumped in the shower and when I got out, the toilet was flushed. I took a quick peek under the hood and everything seemed in order. I flushed it again, and again it filled and then emptied slowly in about 5 minutes. Any comments or suggestions? Thanks.

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you have something caught in the drain.
it happened to me once and i found that my son dropped a hairbrush in the toilet and it went 1/2 way down. i used a special snake for toilets and was able to get it out.
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If this is the first time this has happened, not to worry. It's most likely a minor clog in the drain.

Grad a plunger and have at it. A few strokes and it should dislodge any material usually found in a toilet.

If something not usually found in a toilet happened to get flushed, the plunger may not correct it and the problem will still be there.

In that case, upon not seeing anything by simply looking and hand pawing around and down into the elbow from inside the bowl, all else fails to locate anything and your lacking any special homemade tool, you'll need to remove the tank first.

Then remove the bowl from the floor, flip it over and check the elbow for any restrictions or clogs.

Good Luck,
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TomBartco missed a steps in the process. If you aren't successful with the plunger, then try a closet auger. Almost all of the time, one of those two will dislodge whatever may be in the toilet clogging it. If, after you have tried both a plunger and the auger and it's still clogged, I would probably call a drain cleaning service or a plumber. Disassembling the toilet would be far, far down my list of attack methods.

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