toilet leaking

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I have an eljer toilet. I removed it to
and found a corroded flange so I put a
replacement flange over the existing one
with with wax sandwich in between the two
flanges. I reinstalled the toilet and lo
and behold it is leaking. I took the toilet
back out and noticed unlike all the other
toilet I have installed this does not have
a horn on it. Was wondering if you all have
ever seen a toilet without a horn and if
I have to buy a special bowl wax for this
toilet? Also the the flush holes are
impossible to see, on most toilets they are
very visible, not this one. Will that crl
product clean the vents?
Thanks in advance.
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I found the answer to my problem with the
help of a gentleman at the Eljer Co. Not
meaning to offend anyone, I did expect a
response from this board, oh well, as my
friend used to say "you win some and you
lose some".
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So what's the answer?
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quote:<HR>Originally posted by John Nelson:
So what's the answer?<HR>

John when I bought this house 5 yrs ago I
had no problem with the toilet. In the last
few days it started leaking a little on
my floor, no problem downstairs. Anyway,
to make a long story short, it needs a horn
which the eljer co. is going to send me and
that is should solve my problem. This is a
first for me, all the toilet I have ever
installed had horns which were part of the
toilet, if you know what I mean.

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A horn wax ring does not make any differance for sealing the toilet between the flange and the toilet.

Eljer is pulling the wool over your eyes.

Best Regards Plumber2000

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