Low hot water pressure at kitchen sink

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I have recently been having low hot water pressure only at the kitchen sink. The problem began after finding blue/white particles that I believe to be from the diptube of the hot water heater. Although my hot water heater is not listed among those recalled for diptube problems. I keep cleaning the aeriator out, but water pressure remains low on the hot side. The sink has a single handle Delta faucet. Could the problem of low hot water pressure be caused by diptube particles clogging the water lines to the sink, and or the valve at the sink. If so, how do I repair the problem? Our house is a single story ranch w/basement. Water heater is in the basement. All other sinks are fine.
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A broken, cracked or non-existant dip tube in your hot water heater is going to result in your running out of hot water more quickly than you should. The purpose of the dip tube is to direct the incoming cold water to the BOTTOM of the tank so that gravity can promote the efficient displacement of the hot water above it.

The Delta single lever faucet uses a hollow stainless ball that rides on a couple of thick rubber seals. You can buy overhaul kits for these faucets at any plumbing supply store. The instructions on what to do will be inside the kit. Shut the water pressure off to the faucet and begin overhauling it. When you have all the old parts out of the faucet, flush the hot water side by having someone open the hot water shut off valve to the faucet while you hold one end of a rubber hose tightly over the hot water inlet hole in the faucet body and the other end inside a plastic pail. Don't run the water directly into the sink because you want to remove that blockage if it comes out, not put it in your drain. You should be able to tell from the force of the water stream if the blockage is still up stream of the faucet body. If you get an anaemic water flow, the blockage is upstream of that point.

It might be a good idea to flush the cold water line too while you have everything set up to flush the hot side.

Rots o' Ruck.

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