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I sent this message earlier but got an error message, so please disregard this repeat if the first one ever shows up...

I have 2 upstairs full bathrooms. One bathroom has fine water pressure, but the other has recently lost pressure in the shower and commode. The sink seems OK to me. There has been no new construction to have caused this. The affected shower is a single-handle Delta (no tub). I've removed the shower head, and the water flow out the pipe is lower than the shower in the other bathroom. I didn't think the shower valve was the cause since the commode is also affected, so I haven't dismantled the valve yet. I have city (soft) water.

Any thoughts? If I have a supply line partially blocked, how can this be cleared without tearing into my walls? Thanks much.
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Look for the obvious first, is there a valve that is partially closed that serves both the toilet and the shower?
City water doesn't always mean "soft" water, you can still have mineral build up, go ahead and take the faucet apart, put a new kit in it while your at it. also shut the fixture supply valve off to the toilet disconnect the supply tube from the toilet and put the end in a bucket and turn the valve on if pressure is good, clean/repair the ballcock. if not shut the water off to the house and take your toilet fixture shut off valve stem out and inspect for blockage.

If you dont find the problem, call an experienced plumber. He should be able to find the problem without tearing down the house. Be prepared for a few holes cut though
Best of Luck
Plumber John

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