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In my backyard there is a PVC screw cap connected to a vertical 4" PVC pipe set in the ground that I thought was a clean out access for my sewer line. We had some rain and I noticed that the PCV pipe was loose. Well the thing isn't even connected to the sewer line at all. It was just resting on top of a 2X3" punched out hole in the top of the sewer line. Now some dirt and rocks have gotten in the line and the toilet's backing up. I'm having a plumber come out to snake the line, but I need some help on what to do with this "homemade" access point.
Is there any kind of slip sleeve or repair clamp you can put on instead of replacing the whole section of pipe? It appears to be iron pipe. Could I just do this my self?
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You can do a "home repair" on this drain pipe that should keep out dirt and keep the drain water in. I'm NOT a plumber, and I'm certain that one would not suggest this. This is just what I would do.
Dig out the area of the hole.
Cut a flat "patch" out of an aluminum can large enough to cover the 2X3" hole. Caulk it down over the hole.
Wrap the pipe and patch with rubber from an old inner tube. Put two worm-gear clamps around both sides of the tube, and tighten them down. Should all be there (but the clamps) when the cast iron pipe rusts away.
Fast, easy, and cheap! Good Luck!
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The bad thing about a hole in the pipe and not properly fixed is, if there are trees around, roots will find this spot, and cause troubles for you all the time, the best thing to do is dig it out, install a two-way cleanout, dig out at least 3' of the pipe, cut out this section and by useing two fernco's you can attach the two-way clean out, then stub it up to grade and put the cap on, next time no dirt or rocks or roots can get into that part of the pipe.

Best Regards Plumber2000

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