Old tub spout replacement

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Old tub spout replacement

I found 4 articles using a search on "tub spout".
But I'd like some more feedback on this situation.

The tub and spout installation was done in 1970.
The water and waste lines in this house are hard
copper. This is an upstairs bath in a 2 story home
in Ohio.

At some point, maybe 10 years or more back, there
was water damage in the downstairs powder room.
Looks like a lot of things were tried without really
identifying the cause of the leak. But it was stopped.
One thing done was to caulk around the joint between
the tub spout and the tile wall. But it looks like the
caulk was some type of epoxy. Its very hard, glass like,
and well entrenched. The spout is corroded enough now
that we want to replace it.

What is the best technique to try so that I limit the possibility
of twisting off the supply pipe or its fitting inside the wall?
Once I have the old spout off, and install a new one, how
should the spout be sealed to the tile?

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First step: Look under the spout and see if there is a screw that would lock the spout in place. Second: If there is no screw then the spout is probably screwed onto a nipple or copper adapter. Take a small chisel and chip away at the epoxy you spoke of.Then with a pipe wrench, turn the spout counterclockwise. It should unscrew from the pipe.If it does then replace the spout and use a waterproof silicone caulk to seal the new spout. Good luck and post back.
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Nike---- Just Do IT

Jim, sometimes you just have to get mean. Yes in the worst case scenario you could twist off a copper stub out for the tub spout. Back in the time frame you reference most plumbers took pride in their work and did a quality job. Chances are it was installed with brass nipples on the tub spout and other then crushing the spout when you get down on it with a pipe wrench, the odds are in your favor it will spin off with little trouble. Certainly (even if a hammer and chisel were needed) loosen the caulking or whatever it may be before you remove the spout. You know what, if it breaks off while you try to remove it, its going to break off if a plumber tries to do it. I have been a Master Plumber for over twenty five years. I have replaced many spouts, some have broken, but more of them have not. The odds are in your favor. Listen, if it breaks your no worse off. If you feel your plumber is going to charge you more because you attempted to DoIt-Yourself then I suggest you find a new plumber. If things all go down hill you can always post back and many good plumbers here will walk you through it. Good luck and let us know how it all works out. And PS use standard tub and tile caulk when finished.

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