Low Water Pressure - PLEASE Help!


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Hi there,

I live in a one-story condominium and the water pressure is soooo low it is unbearable. If the shower is on and someone uses the kitchen faucet - the water STOPS coming out in the shower! Also, if you flush the toilet the same thing happens - and if you happen to be doing laundry at the same time forget it. It could take the washer about 30 minutes to fill up for each cycle. Therefore I am living in a house where I can only use water one item at a time and I'm getting really frustrated.

I spoke with the condo owner above me and they say their water pressure is fine. I cannot find a shut off valve or anything where the water is coming into the condominium.

Any ideas?????

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A pressure reducing valve can cause this to happen, this is found in front of the meter, probably buried.

If it's there, replace it and that should solve the low to no water flow.

Best Regards Plumber2000
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You might just ask your neighbors if they know where the water comes into the individual units. Or if you have property management co. or a homeowners assosiation board, they should know where or know how to find out. Everyone should know how to turn there water (gas & elec.) off in case something ever breaks. A lot of water damage can occur if a fixture supply line ever breaks and you have to wait for a plumber to come out and shut it off.

My mother use to live in a condo with one water meter for the entire complex, and outside each unit there was a shutoff valve and the pressure reducing valve (and a hose bib). If I remember right, there was also a manifold of valves inside a cabinet in a common area close (50ft?) to where the meter was at the curb. In that locale, the water company would provide only one meter per parcel of property. Good luck.


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