toilet and new tile floor


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I am installing new tile in place of the existing carpet in my bathroom.

The tile install will add about 5/8 of an inch to the floor(concrete backer board/mortar and tile)

Do i need an extender(?) for the toilet flange before I reset my toilet?

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I'm not a plumber, but it's best that your flange be anchored flush to the top of your new floor, if you can raise it from underneath by cutting the drain and adding an extension coupling.
I solved the same situation once in my upstairs bathroom, however, by just doubling the wax seals. Never has leaked. Works for me, but I'm sure that one of the pro plumber's in here can help you better, if you give a little more info. Good Luck!
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I can cut it from underneath, if necessary, access from the basement. However, I was hopeing to avoid cutting the pipe.
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Old Guy pretty much said it. If it's too much of a chore to extend the flange (they do make extenders that mount from above), either double the seal or buy one of the super thick ones. One trick we use (I'm a tile/remodeling contractor) is to insert one that has a plastic funnel into a plain was one. This works at least 99 times out of 100.

One more thought. Don't know how old the house is, but if the plumbing is PVC over a wood subfloor, sometimes you can simply lift it up a little. Put pieces of plywood under it and re-screw it down.


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