Hot water presure (galvanized pipes vs crimped connector copper tubes)

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Hot water presure (galvanized pipes vs crimped connector copper tubes)

So I am a renter in a pre-WWII house. It has galvanized pipes.

Two weeks ago we had a major drop in water pressure in our shower. the cold is more than fine, as much as from our irrigation, it just pours out.

However, the hot is not ok, it just kind of dibbles out. For example, before we could point the showerhead at the ceiling of the shower and it would hit it. Now there is not enough pressure to even go two inches up in the air.

Landlord had the plumbers come out and they looked at the showerhead to make sure it was not restricting flow. (I had already done that, pressure is low for hot and even higher for cold) Then they went out to the water valve (without landlord present) and they said they couldn't turn off the house's water because the valve was broken. They called the landlord and told her they had to replace the entire water valve system coming into the home. I went outside to check this out and the valve worked fine, I was able to turn off the water no problem. (so at this point I think these guys are crooks or totally inept) Then they come out again and replace the valves on the shower and this does not help, they tell me that that should not help but they needed replacing. They blame the low pressure on the galvanized pipes and are now telling my landlord she has to re-pipe the ENTIRE house with copper to fix the problem. She is not going to do that. So they leave.

Yesterday my dad comes over and is looking at the hot water heater. He looks at the pipes coming out of the top of the heater. He notices that the pipes entering and exiting the heater into the wall are crimped. They are flexible copper tubes. Instead of a nice loop and into the heater, whoever installed it used the minimum length pipe and it seems to me that the pipes are kinda crimped.

If I were to go out and replace these two tubes with a little longer length is there a possibility that I could increase hot water pressure? It seems to me that even if the galvanized pipes are slowly constricting I could get more pressure through the pipes by fixing this at the hot water source.

this is what the pipes look like: home depot flexible pipe look for:
24 In. Water Heater Connector (Pkg Of 2)
Model MWC7824B
Internet/Catalog # 602400

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Galvanized pipe does get corroded on the inside over the years but since you have good cold water pressure it could be those flex hoses. Hot water pressure is controlled by the cold water input. The cold comes into the heater and through a dip tube to the bottom of the heater. That pushes the hot water into the pipes and to the fixtures. If those flex lines are kinked then that could well be the problem.I'm sure the plumber would love to repipe the whole hose in copper but that doesn't make it necessary.Try replacing the flex hose first. Good luck and post back.

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