How to fix a loose toilet

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The bolts that hold the toilet have pulled through the floor. What type of bolt or screw can i use to tighten the toilet up????????????????
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You should have a flange screwed down to the floor, and toilet bolts on each side of the base of the toilet that slide into slots in this flange to hold the toilet down.
If the screws holding this flange down have pulled out due to leaking wax seal water damage to the flooring, you may need to repair flooring first to fix. (I always use pressure-treated wood/plywood for this.)
To remove the toilet to make necessary repairs (Get a new wax seal and a set of two new toilet bolts):
a. Turn off water supply to toilet tank.
b. Flush toilet and sponge out left over water into nearby drain or bucket.
c. Disconnect water supply line to tank, and remove nuts/washers on both sides of base of toilet.
c. CAREFULLY lay toilet onto its side (porcelain breaks very easily). Stuff rag into drain hole to prevent sewer gas from leaking back into where you're working.
d. Repair floor around/under flange, if necessary, and screw flange securely to floor. Install new bolts in flange slots using old nuts or pieces of old wax seal to keep them upright.
e. Scrape old wax seal off toilet and flange, and install new wax seal on toilet base.
f. Set toilet onto flange, and sit/stand on it to wiggle it down level to floor. Install new washers and new nuts on base bolts. Tighten them snuggly, but not too tight (You might crack base). Reconnect water supply line, turn on water, and you should be in business.
I'm not a plumber, but if you have problems, come back in here, and I'll try to help you, or one the pro plumbers in here will be glad to help you.
Good Luck! OG


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