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I recently noticed discoloration of the hardwood flooring consistently around the base of the toilet in our 1st floor bathroom. At times we noticed an odor in the bathroom, and thought that our 2 boys may have missed when they were using the bathroom. However, the discoloration is so consistent underneath the toilet that I think we can discount this. I would like to see if there is anything else that could potentially cause this leaking than perhaps an old wax seal breakdown. Also, after I remove the toilet and prior to replacing it, any suggestions on how to remove future smells after I sand it down and re-polyurethane the area? Thanks for any help you may provide
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I think it's a bad wax ring. When I was a "Mr. Fixit" (MANY years ago) for an apartment house I occasionally encountered and replaced failed wax rings . One thing: Why did the ring fail? That would be good to ascertain because something unusual often causes the failure, such as, but not limited to:

1. Toilet not bolted down well,it rocks loose.
2. Floor under toilet unsound or "springy".
3. Massive weight on the toilet has squeezed the wax out to a thin film, which stays flat when the weight is removed, ergo: loss of seal.
4. Broken or cracked toilet riser flange due to one of a variety of possible abuses. In this case the flange would need replacement as well as the wax ring.

On removal/ reinstallation of toilet: Drain the tank, and remember that porcelain is delicate, have some cushioning material ready to set the unit on to protect it and your floor. I like to get a buddy to help me lift these things, and to listen to me complain. Good luck.
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I totally agree with you...I doubt the boys missed the bowl enough times to cause the problem...LOL. <I raised 3 boys>

Before you remove the toilet, be sure the tank isn't leaking a very tiny amount from the hold down screws. That was a problem I had here.

If that isn't the problem with your toilet, then you'll need to replace the bowl gasket.

Be sure the wood isn't raising the level of the toilet too far above the drain flange either. There may not have been a wood floor there prior.

Applying the wood over the old flooring may have raised the floor level too high above that flange.

Good Luck,

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