got a strange problem.. perhaps someone can help?

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Question got a strange problem.. perhaps someone can help?

This morning i took a shower. I have 3 valves where 1 is cold water, one is hot and the third changes the shower from the bath. Problem is that when i was done i turned off the hot water, then the cold, however, the cold water continued to run even though the faucet was completely turned to the off position. I then turned the faucet all the way open and tried to close it and it was stuck in the open position and wouldnt budge. The faucets in my shower operate like most garden faucets where u need to turn the handel clockwise to close and counter clockwise to open.
So i go to home depot and buy a kit consisting of 3 valves, washers, handels, sleevs, seats, and cover plates. I removed all the old valves and replaced them with the new ones. Problem solved. I now have water that i can shut off, or so i thought..... Later on that night i took another shower and shut the water off, however, the cold water continues to flow. I dont get it. These r new items yet im getting the same problem with the same valve (cold water). Only thing i didnt do was to replace the copper seat and thats cause i didnt have the tool but i figured its not the cause and even so, why is my handle stuck in the open position?
Hopefully, someone can assist. Tahnx in advance for any info given and if u have any questions, feel free to post.
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When all else has been replaced but the brass seats, the culprit must be the cold water seat.
The valve could be sticking open due to valve body wear-and-tear or corrosion.
If replacing the seat doesn't solve the problem, you may have to replace the whole faucet.
Good Luck!
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yeah but i replaced the valve. This is a brand new valve. As a matter of fact i replaced all 3 mechanicsms. If u like, go to the home depot website, Under keword search type in "Gerber Valve" and ull see the exact kit i bought. Even still, the cold water valve still got stuck in the open position. So now i have 2 valves (one old and one new) that are stuck in the open position. The seat, i would assume is fine, cause the water doesnt leak when shut off. errr. when it was first replaced and worked fine even witht he old one. Even still, its the washer that would go bad before the seat i would think cause the seat is made of copper. But what would be the cause of both valves being stuck open? Thanx for the response dude and if anyone else has a theroy as of why this is happening... Feel free to post. Thanx again.
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When you said you replaced the valve, you went behind the wall, completely removed the valve from the cold and hot water lines, then replaced it, or did you just replace the inwards (from the tub side)? The problem is probably the seat, or the part where the part you replaced pushes against.

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