upstairs water only trickels


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upstairs water only trickels

Hi again. While we try to consider all the upgrades to our new fixerupper, we have come across a problem that makes it hard to live in our house! The shower is in the upstairs bathroom, and the water only trickels out. The faucets downstairs seem to work fine. It also seems like the water runs faster in the sink when the shower is not on... perhaps there is so little flow that it is almost enough for a sink, but no where near enough for the shower?

In the shower, there is so little pressure that the water actually follows the shower head and drips rather than sprays out (i.e. impossible to shower).

in the utility room below the bathroom, I see like 1in galvenized pipes going to the ceiling, connected to 1/2in copper that branch to the shower and then to the sink. The house has a hard water problem.

I wonder if the pipes could be clogged up with mineral deposits, and if there is a solution for this that I could do.

Any help or advice is appreciated, as my family is getting pretty stinky
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I think that you've discovered your problem...galvanized pipes.
Obsolete galvanized pipes are notorious for scaling up inside, restricting water flow, until they eventually clog up completely.
Unfortunately, the only solution to galvanized is repalcement. Look into PEX.
Good Luck!
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Thanks Mike. I actually found that there is a water filter in the basement that was completely gunked up with mud. It has probably been in there for years... I replaced this and the pressure is up! I am so happy that the pipe replacement can wait.

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