Kitchen water line problems

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Question Kitchen water line problems

The existing kitchen water lines in the condo I recently purchased run all the way to the counter tops and threaded into the old faucet that way. The water lines are all copper and there isnt a thread at the shut off valve, where I could detach that section and run my new feed lines to. My new faucet will not thread into the copper like the old one did and Im not sure how to go about installing it.

Can I just cut a section of each the copper hot and cold water lines and thread it so I can attach the water feeds from the faucet that way?

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
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Mwyatt, I suppose your replies have been slow in coming because it is very difficult to picture your description of the problem. I am not aware of any residential sink faucet that connects in such the manner as you have described. If there was any way you could post a picture of your situation I assure you it would be solved immediately. Could you post back with a little more information? What size is this copper supplying the faucet? What color are the shut off valves, (brass or chrome) What brand (if marked) is the sink faucet? Do you notice any nuts that you could put an adjustable wrench on and turn? Please donít take offense to these questions, I certainly will enjoy helping you, and rest assured that we all receive calls in need of repairing thingamajigs, we just need to decipher what these are. So please post back and let us help you solve the problem the Do It Yourself way.
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If the copper supply line leading from your valves to the faucet are sort of spiral looking, they do not come apart at the valve end. You could probably continue to use them, as they are likely connected at the faucet with a nit and cone washer. You might need an adapter or extension. A far better bet would be to take this opportunity to replace the valves with a new ball valve type and some good braided flex lines.
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More info


Thanks for the reply, I definitely can take some pictures and post them to make things easier. Sorry It looked like a "thingamajig" post but I havent seen anything like this myself. I redid the bathroom(sub floor/toilet/pedistal sink with faucet and shower fixtures) and had no problems, all the shut off valves had threads to connect everything to.

The shut off valves in question are round, brass and red handled. Bascially there arent any threads anywhere in the whole setup. All the copper is soldered together and like I said is run all the way to the faucet connections. The lines come in from the wall and the cold water line runs through the shut off valve and then curves horizontally around the back of the space and then is bent 90 degrees vertically and runs to the faucet. The hot water lines is split, one for the faucet and one for the dishwasher, each with its own shut off valve. The hot water for the faucet is the same as the cold, it runs horizontally around the back of the space and then is bent 90 degrees and runs right up to the faucet.

The condo's were built in the 70's and Im sure this is the original plumbing, judging from the state of the garbage disposal and waste/trap pipe. Which are all being replaced as well.

Basically I am thinking about scrapping the whole setup and taking 594tough's advice and replacing the valves and water lines because the new faucet has nice braided flex lines for installation.

I will take some pictures tonight when I get back home, which Im sure will help describe my situation a lot better than I can.
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If I am understang your description correctly I assume that the shut-offs are in the 1/2" supply line and then there is a length of 1/2" and then a transition to the small copper supply line that goes up to the faucet. All soldered of course.

I'm not a plumber, but what I would likely do is turn-off the existing shut-offs and then cut the 1/2" line and install a compression fitting to the 1/2" copper that has the other side threaded for the braided supply lines to the fixture. Get one with a mini-ball valve that is designed to be a shut off and then you can use that for the shut off and just open the existing ones wide open. These come as either straight through or as 90 degree angles. You should be able to find one at any big box or plumbing supply.

FYI - for a 1/2" pipe you need a 5/8" OD compression fitting.
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Here is a picture of what I am trying to replace.

Thanks for all the good advice already.

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