Blocked air vent???????


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Blocked air vent???????

I live in a two story house. After a hard rain I get air bubbles in the downstairs toliet when you flush the upstairs toliet. Also when you drain the upstairs tub I get water coming up in the downstairs shower. I'm guessing the air vent to the septic tank is blocked. How can I correct this?
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This doesn't exactly sound like a blocked vent but rather a restricted main drain.
When was the last time you had your septic tank serviced? Is the tank overfull of solids and needs to be pumped down. You could also have a partially blocked leach field,which after a heavy rain backs up into the septic tank.This in turn will cause the problems you describe.

If you don't have any trees that could be causing root problems in your leach field I would have it checked for collapse. As per your name it sounds like you are in FL. With all the rain the leach field could have shifted and is now causing problems.

Main Drain Problems.
You should also have a clean out plug just outside the house and before the septic tank. Remove the plug cap and check to see if water is present(none should be). If its present you may be able to take a snake and try to remove any obstructions that may be preventing drainage to the septic system.

If water is not present and the leach field is ok you can try Drain Care to clean the house drain lines. This is available at local home centers and Walmart. This is an enzyme drain cleaner safe for septic systems. This clings to the clog/buildup and "eats" it. Takes overnight but does work. This product will not help if your problem is due to tree roots.

Vent problems.
Plumbing vents exit the roof of your house(or at least should as per code). These can become plugged with all sorts of material(spider webs, leaves, balls tossed up there, even critters). To clear (only if you are comfortable on the roof )peer down into the vent pipe with a flashlight and remove anything you can reach by hand or with a snake. Flush anything remaining with a water hose.

Good luck and reply back if you have further qustions.
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Thank you very much. Yes I do live in Florida and I only have trouble when we have a heavy rain. I am going to have my system pumped out and also do the water hose down the air tube to try and resolve the problem. The worst thing about all of this is that I am retired and it is just my wife and I in the house most of the time and we never have any problems. It is when we have guest that all this starts happening.

Thank you and I will post back after I have tried to resolve this.
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This does sound like a tank/leach field problem. The tank and leach field can not handle the extra load guests or rain put on them. Ex relative had this exact problem during holidays due to guests. While there was only the 2 of them things seemed to be fine except when it rained. When an army of guests arrived it was backed up.

Have the tank pumped down and it should work correctly for a little while. You may still have to have the leach field checked. The same company can tell you if you have a problem with the leach field usually at the same time if you ask.

Good luck
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If you have trees or shrubbery growing over any part of your leachfield, rootballs may be restricting the drainage. You can try Root-X to clear the rootballs out. It's a foaming root killer that may solve your problem.
If the leachfield is just really old and clogged, you may have to add another drainfield line to resolve it.
Good luck!

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