no water coming in to dishwasher

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no water coming in to dishwasher

The valve under the kitchen sink is on, but there's no water flowing into the dishwasher. I think it may be related to a similar problem we had in the bathroom. Let me explain.

We just moved into a third-floor flat. In the bathroom, I briefly turned off the water beneath the sink to replace washers, and when I turned the valves back on there was virtually no water pressure (a tiny trickle only).

A plumber came out and fixed this and some other problems. Unfortunately, I wasn't here at the time, and so I don't know what he did, or what the problem with the bathroom water pressure was.

Is it possible for a line to go dry when the beneath-the-sink valve is turned off? That or something like it seems to be what happened in the bathroom. The shut-off valve governing the dishwasher's water supply was off when we moved in, so I'm wondering if the two incidents are related.

Any ideas on how to get water moving through this line? Thanks in advance.
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In my experience what USUALLY happens when a valve is turned off is that all the sediment in the line collects, and then when the valve is turned back on it all releases at one time. When that happens all the sediment SLAMS into the strainer, at the faucet, or in this case at the solenoid.

Turn the valve off, and disconnect the tubing at the inlet to the solenoid, that will be on the bottom of the dishwasher, you'll have to take off the 5" tall access plate beneath the dishwasher door. I honestly don't recall that dishwashers have strainers on the solenoid but I'm pretty sure they do.

Not related to the flow of water through the pipes and tubing is a problem that is unique to dishwashers. The two things that will cause a dishwasher to not fill with water are the float sticking and a bad solenoid. The float looks a bit like an upside down tea cup inside the dishwasher, it operates an on/off switch that shuts the water off when it's reached the correct depth. Sometimes the rod connecting the plastic float to the switch itself will get stuck. Since that tells the solenoid that the dishwasher is "full" even when it's not, no water will flow. Sometimes solenoids go bad as well.

If water is coming through the tube, but not into the DW, it's either stuck, or bad, switch, or a bad solenoid.

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If I understand this correctly, you have water to the sink but not to the dishwasher (off the same line).
Is the valve to the dishwasher a regular shutoff valve or a "quick tap" valve with a small metal rod that serves as a handle? If it is a quick tap it is probably clogged. This valve works by punching a SMALL hole into the supply line. They are easily plugged. Try turning the handle clockwise until it stops, then turn counterclockwise, again until it stops. This should clear the hole. Best thing is to install a tee in the line for full flow to the dishwasher.
If you have a regular supply valve, turn the valve off and disconnect the tubing going to the DW and hold a rag over the open end of the valve and open and close it quickly a couple times. This will determine if it is clogged. If you get water, reconnect the tubing and try the DW.
Water lines don't "dry up" due to being turned off.
Good luck and reply back with any further questions.

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