Has anyone ever installed a hot water recirculation system before?

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Has anyone ever installed a hot water recirculation system before?


I am sure you have heard this one before - lack of hot water to faucets that are far from the hot water heater. After doing some research, I found that I need a recirculation pump. I had first thought I could simply add another heater, but I think the pump is the way to go.

I know that the pump needs to be installed at the heater and that I need to break into the farthest pipe run in my system and some how loop it back to the heater.

My questions are:
1) Could anyone tell me the "other" materials I need to be successful?
2) Does anyone have a basic rough sketch of this type of process?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,
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Any experience using an Autocirc from Laing? Any comment on noise, reliability, etc?

I'm close to buying one but thought I'd ask for some informed opinions on whether it was worth the $$ or if there were other similar alternatives to consider since I only know of Laing.
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Thank you so much Plumber2000! That helps alot!
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As an alterative, you might want to consider this system (link below). They also have a video tutorial that is worth checking out.

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Not a plumber, but here's my take. All these units (except Metlund) either run 24/7 circulating lower temp water OR they are activated at specific times of day using a timer clock. The 24/7 seems like a waste of energy and your hot water heater/boiler will fire more often AND if you change your personal schedule for the day the timer clock is an ineffective approach.
The Metlund is "on Demand" utilizing a button switch or a motion detector (hardwired or wireless) and a thermoswitch to shut down the pump (X)seconds later when the returning water temp is close to that of the water in your tank. The drawback or inconvenience is that you still have to wait a few seconds before turning the shower/sink on. BUT, previously you were waiting much, much longer and wasting gallons of water. From and ecological and economic standpoint the Metlund system seems far better.

I am going to install a dedicated return line system. I already have an extra Taco pump laying around SO...couldn't I hardwire a couple of timer switches at each location activating the pump for say 15 seconds (or whatever a little trial and error dictates for each location)? OR what about a switch that the power gets interupted by one of those pipe mounted aquastats?

Like I said - I'm not a plumber so any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Stephen.

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