Water leaks after new cartridge installed


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Water leaks after new cartridge installed

I thought I did such a good job--replaced a cartridge to a Moen single lever faucet in a bathroom sink w/o problems--so pumped up with success until a day later noticed water dripping under the sink. Leak appears to be at the join where a nut is screwed onto a flexible chrome(?) stainless steel(?) pipe. The nut seems to be screwed in very tight. How to stop the leak? Does the nut have to be removed? Do I have to turn off the whole house water? It seems the leak is before the water shut off to the faucet. I've read about teflon tape on this forum--where to buy, how to apply and when to apply? Have never even changed a cartridge and now this leak. Am
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If it is leaking before one of the under-the-sink faucet shut-off valves, you will have to turn off the house main water valve to fix it.
I'm not clear on what the leaking nut is on. Chromed brass 1/2" pipe? 3/8" chromed brass tubing with soldered male threads? A brass compression fitting? A stainless steel flex connector?
White teflon plumbing tape can be found at any hardware or plumbing store.
If the leak is on male threads, wrap 2-3 flat wraps of teflon tape on the male threads clockwise only as the threaded end would face you.
If the leak is on a compression fitting with a brass ferrule ring on the pipe or tubing, wrap one wrap of teflon tape around the ring, not the threads. The ferrule is what seals a compression fitting, not the threads.
If the leak is at the end of a flex connector, those have built-in rubber seals. You can try snugging it up a bit to see if that won't stop the leak. If it doesn't, you can smear a little clear silicone caulk on the threads and tighten it back up. Those little rubber seals sometimes get twisted out of shape.
If none of the above work, please give us a little better description, and we'll be glad to help you.
Good luck!
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It's hard to tell the precise source of the leak except that it is leaking--I'll have to turn off the house water and get back to you with more precise information. Thanks!
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If it's the supply line leaking, just install new ones.

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What an excellent idea--but right now I'm not sure it is the supply line. The water is leaking down along the line and drips down from the connection to the supply line. I can't figure it out and since we are having a plumber come to look at a few other things he will take care of this as well. Thanks much for those who replied. I'm only a do it yourselfer wannabe!

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