Washer Drain Overflow (This is one interesting problem)


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Washer Drain Overflow (This is one interesting problem)

I recently discovered that my washer drain overflows momentarily when my wife washes large loads of clothes. Initially, I assumed that the pipe was clogged so I gave it several doses of Draino and tried to snake it out. It was during this time that I think I discovered the true culprit, AIR.

Before you ask, my house is only 8 years old, and all of the other drains are working fine. The drain line is 2" pvc. The washer, sink, and dishwasher share a common 1.5" pvc vent. The vent is not clogged. I have lived in this house for about 2 years. I noticed the problem when I pulled out the washer to replace the linoleum floor with ceramic tile.

After allowing some Draino to sit in the pipe for 15 minutes or so, I unhooked the cold water hose from the washer and began to run water down the drain. I discovered that if the hose was stuck down into the drain pipe, say 1 foot or so, that I could let it run wide open indefinetly without it backing up. If I run water into the drain line from the top, however, it backs up. If I shove the hose down into the drain line, about 6", just before the water overflows out of the box, the water drains out of the line. This is what has made me believe that the line is getting air bound rather than clogged.

Now my question, can I simply extend the drain hose down into the drain line for a foot or so to correct the problem? When I moved in, I noticed that there was a 1 - 1.5" rubber reducer of some sort shoved down into the 2" pvc drain line. I pulled it out because it was constricting the pipe below my washers drain hose and causing it to overflow all of the time. Did this rubber fitting have something to do with a solution to my problem? Do I need to extend my drain line through this type of fitting rather than just sticking it further into the pipe?


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Sounds like soap has crusted up a smaller opening where the top of water is in the trap in the resting spot.

Use a larger type cable with an attachment that will give a better, thorough cleaning so that the obstruction can be removed.

Majority of newer constructed homes are all designed the same way, which leads me to believe that there is a partial clog that is relative to your situation.

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