Urgent -- Need Help about P-trap

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Urgent -- Need Help about P-trap

I am adding a tub to my half bath.
The contractor open the concrete slab
and add the tub drain and laundry drain to the sewer line
"WITHOUT" p-trap
I didn't mind at first
but later I read some plumbing book
and found out that's not what it supposed to be

please see picture at http://www.geocities.com/textileny/plumbing.jpg

the contractor has already poured cement mix above the drain
I hope I could get some advise on how to solve this problem

thanks to anyone who will answer my question
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That all needs to come out, completely. Nothing can be salvaged with the way that is configured.

Cannot lay a tee on its back, cannot have a permanent dead end in a drain line as displayed, no trap on the shower will cause sewer gases to emit.

Basically, all the fittings are wrong and need to be done in wye's. And from there, the tub needs to be trapped AND vented.

Follow-up to let us know what the outcome of this situation is, because leaving it as such will leave you with plumbing problems for sure.
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Thank you Dunbar Plumber,

I understand the importance of the trap

can you explain more about
1. cannot lay a tee on its back
2. cannot have a permanent dead end in a drain line

and giving the situation
(laundry drain, tub drain, and main drain won't change location)
can you recommend a better solution?
it will help me tremendously when I interview the next plumber

Thanks again
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Oh my gosh !

Diyhomenj, Dunbar could not be more correct. This does not even classify as a bad job. Im not sure what I would call it that would not get me booted out of here. I will try and help explain Dunbars description. Lets first orient ourselves so were talking about the same thing. Using the picture you posted we will call the top of the picture North. The picture tends to be a bit deceiving but I am assuming the red extension lines indicate the existing building drain? (Yes) If so, then the statement of the dead end may just be that Dunbar could not see the rest of the drain heading east. As for laying a tee down it means that the position of the tees in your picture are improper. A sanitary tee may only be stood on end. The east end of the larger tee in your picture may only be in the horizontal position. One thing Dunbar did not mention that you will need to check on, the 90 deg. Elbows in your picture appear to be 1/4 bends. Which also should not be laid on their sides. Most codes require long sweep 90s when going horizontal to horizontal, or short sweep when going horizontal to vertical. I know this does not help you in your immediate situation and can be discouraging, but hang in there and you can get this done. You mentioned interviewing your next plumber? If you hired a licensed plumber that did this work you should be on the phone with a whole host of people starting with your code enforcement officer. I only hope you did not pay for this. Could you measure the distance from the bottom of the 2 x 4 wall plate to the top of the 4" drain line below it and post that back. It appears you may be what we call elevation critical in that your new fixtures will be so close to the building drain. But donít give up, post back and Iím sure Dunbar and others will get you through this the proper way. Good Luck
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I'm not a plumber, I'm just getting into this area myself.

But I noticed one thing that no one mentioned.

If you look at the picture, look at where it says "TUB" follow that drain and on the 3rd turn....

To me that looks like a 90* elbow. Which can only be used for venting right? And if thats a 90* here it's being used for drainage.

Am I right or wrong?

It looks like a 90* to me.

And also curious of how you ended up fixing this?
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Thanks to wrmiii and dunbar plumber
last couple of days I have been reading a lot of plumbing articles
and gain some basic plumbing ideas

to answer wrmiii's question
yes the photo looks very deceiving
the main drain is actually deeper than it looks
it's about 10" below concrete

unfortunately I already paid them a big down payment
turns out they are unlicensed contractor
they told me they have expand several houses
so I thought they are legit

the contractor admitted that they tried to put in the p-trap
but encountered the concrete footing of a inner wall
they agreed to came back to fix the problem
they will fix everything til we get township's permit

they came in today and redid the job
pls see http://www.geocities.com/textileny/plumbing1.jpg
most part conforms to what I have learned the past few days
except one thing
see number 5 in the picture
it's actually a tee
we notice there are air coming from laundry drain (number 9)
my idea for laundry vent is to have a pipe connect from 7 to 8
and cut the part from 5 to 9

we call the contractor and tell them what we think
they said if township reject the permit then they will fix it

I really hope to know if this is correct
or is there any other problem/concern
before I go to township

any suggestion and comment are welcome
thanks a lot for reading and replying to this post

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I dont think so

Diyhomenj, I thought my first response was long! I will not even bother you with all the code issues and violations in this picture. You know, these guys may be real good people. The fact they even returned to attempt to resolve the problem hints towards this. However it is very obvious they have no clue about plumbing. There is not one thing in this new design that would pass any code. I would simply recommend that you call a licensed plumber and let him install this properly. If the contractors you have had attempting this have any type of business at all they should refund your money and move on. If they choose not to, I would recommend going to your township and filing a complaint. There is always the chance you will get stuck paying for this a second time. Either way you have gained valuable knowledge that will benefit you in future projects. But by no means should this work be accepted. Please post back and let all of us know what resolution you come to with this contractor. I am also pleased to see that no one has scolded you about not checking out this contractor better before you hired them. I bet itís because we have all been in the same boat at one time or another and have all gained our education this way.

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