Sink drain leaks to sidewalk! ??


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Sink drain leaks to sidewalk! ??

Hello. I'm selling my home, and on the inspection, the inspector noticed that while the dishwasher was running, there was a small amount of water leaking out on to the sidewalk outside the house. with a little troubleshooting I realized that it's not the dishwasher, it's ANYTIME I drain a lot of water out of the sink, it's leaking outside. if I just run water, no water shows up outside, but if I fill both sides of the sink and let it all go down the drain at the same time, about 1-2 cups of water water runs down the outside wall directly opposite the sink drain.

I can't see exactly what's happening because the water runs from behind the siding, I can only see it run down the four inches or so of exposed concrete. I have a bad feeling if I take the siding off there, the whole wall will be soaked.

I installed a new sink a few months ago, which involved cutting the sink side of the drain pipe to hook up with the new piping involved. there is no leak under the sink though, so I think I did ok there. (I hope)

also I recently replaced some boards on the kitchen pergo floor because they were separating, and I noticed that the bottom side of the boards near the sink were soggy. I'm assuming this is a result of the same problem.

where do I start? should I cut out the drywall under the sink and try to find where the drain pipe is leaking, or pull the siding off from the outside and try to find it that way?

I'm assuming I'll need a plumber... the most plumbing experience I've had is replacing the kitchen sink.

any insight would be greatly appreciated

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Repair the leaking drain line from under the sink. Open up the drywall and see what you need to do, and do it. Only you can determine if you can DIY or need to call a plumber.
Good luck!
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thanks Mike.

I cut out the drywall under the sink ran my hand down the drain pipe, and it's dry until it reaches the concrete. when the dishwasher empties out, a little water trickles up where the drain pipe meets the ground. so...

1. get superman to lift up the house, while someone breaks up the concrete slab to find where the drain is leaking... or...

2. find some sort of caulk-type product to seal where the pipe meets the concrete. how big of a problem is it if (wherever the leak is) a small amount of water from the drain ends up leaking into the slab?

I can probably reach down there to seal the place where the pipe goes into the ground. am I asking for trouble?
it only leaks when the dishwasher emties out, or I drain both sinks-full of water at once.

I don't want to leave the buyer with a serious foundation problem, but on the other hand I don't want to tear out the kitchen cabinets and the floor to find a leak in the pipe that wouldn't have been a big deal anyway... would sealing the joint where the pipe meets the concrete solve this or create a bigger problem?

any thoughts?
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Sealing the pipe at floor level will only make the water seek (and find) another place to surface. It could happen at an even worse place than it is now.
Second reason to fix it properly is that the home inspector has already seen it. That makes you responsible for fixing it due to Disclosure laws. Unless you want to make a deal with the buyer. Good luck.

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