Tool for soldering when water still flows


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Tool for soldering when water still flows

I'm looking for a tool's name that a plumber had.
It had a gasket on a threaded metal stick with a handle at the other end.

You place the tool inside a pipe, then tighten it to expand the gasket, thus stopping the water flow , allowing you to solder a ball valve.... then able to remove the tool through the ball valve, and make more soldering connections on a now dry pipe.

What's the name of that, and where would I find one?

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Havent seen that one for sure, sounds good. They do have the set up to freeze the pipe to stop the water . That might work for you. If soft copper there is a clamp to use on the pipe and the clamp will reshap the pipe back. Have you tried the plumbing supply house there?

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Never seen one of those tools, but it sounds really good.
The old way: If you just have a dribble of water, the easiest way to stop the flow is with a small wad of white bread (no crust).
When you turn the water back on, it will dissolve and flush right out.
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The tool is called a "pipe plug", you will have to get one from a plumbing supply or contractor supply. You may be able to rent one. These are usually made for drain pipe testing and not sure if they make them smaller than 1 1/2 inch drains. Some plumbers make their own but THIS one doesn't know how.

To use one you have to make sure you have a full flow ball valve or you will not be able to remove the tool. Also be sure you can remove it from the size of pipe/ball valve you are working with BEFORE you start soldering.

Explain to the store clerk what you are doing so he won't give you a standard pipe plug to seal a drain pipe.

If the water is just dripping out(no pressure) stuff some bread in it with a pencil. Bread only no crust. This will make a dam and give you a dry area to solder. You will have to be semi quick as the bread does get soggy and will allow water to flow after a few minutes. This can be flushed out after you make the joint.

Good Luck
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Re:Tool for soldering when water still flows

Woohoo, I found the name!
While looking through ebay, I saw a similar tool. His had a bent part at the end, though... thus not able to remove the tool on the back end.

Anway, it's called "Jet Sweat", or "Jet Swet" .... I don't know if there's an "a" in "sweat" .. one plumbing supply page I saw had the tool name "Jet Swet" and the replacement gaskets named "Jet sweat" .

I've never had any luck using the white-bread technique. I'm not that good of a solderer. The device for freezing pipes sounds neat. I did see a page for that , but it's like so very expensive!

Thanks, Ajax.
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Wow I want one bad. Freezing = scary, what if this splits the pipe? Temporary crimping = sleepless nights wondering will that stressed section pinhole. Bread = OK but embarrassingly cute and no good in a basement with a houseful of water above. Not having to drain a house would really make my day. Besides I feel draining out a system wears it, especially from all that air hammering when filled again.

It's called "The Jet Swet Shut-Off Tool" and yeah it's brilliant. So is a professional ferrous tool retrieval system AKA magnet-on-a-stick. So I'll make one - same principle as an expanding test plug but screw not cam and on a long shaft. Better make one shaft assembly with interchangeable heads. These should be good to at least 100psi, comparing specs of plastic plugs, here:

...which might be really handy in an emergency, you never know.

Need to find the right o.d. and i.d. rubber tubes though.
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Jet sweats come in real handy. The larger sizes have a relief bypass built in that allow water to bypass were you soldering.
You might also look for qwik sweats which are cable driven and go up to 2" in size also. It's build around an expandabile 'O' ring which forms a plug when compressed by the cable assembly.
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A compression adapter is alot cheaper and probably easier to use
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"Plumber's Bread" is the brand I carry...
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In my 17+ years of plumbing I have never used one of those jet swets but I have been in situations where I would of used one if it was on the truck.

I normally never cut-in valves in a line just to fight back a drain down.

A tip that might provide useful for all of those like me that don't have that tool is to drop bellies in the piping in the surrounding areas where you are soldering.

You can also create a suctioning through the hot side line by opening one valve above where you are soldering with the boiler drain open on the water heater.

Anytime I have to do any soldering in a home I always shut the main down, have the customer open all the valves in the home, making sure the toilets are flushed since ant-siphon fill valves will weep water, and I always drain the water heater down a few inches in the tank to keep thermal expansion from pushing hot water into the hot water lines or follow a mix from hot to cold when a single handle or two handle faucet is open.

Having a Acetylene torch with a W-6 torch tip that can turn copper white is AWESOME when fighting back water too.

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