New Water heater, less pressure


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New Water heater, less pressure

I live in a 2 full bath condo. My water heater which was 19 years old just broke due to a shelf falling on the drain pipe and bursting it. Prior to this accident, the water heater was great. I could use the dishwasher and shower, toilet and shower, even washing machine and shower without losing hot water OR even a decrease in water pressure. Now, I just got my new energy efficient water heater, and if the shower is on and I flush the toilet, the shower pressure cuts in 1/2. What's up with that?? Both water heaters were 40 gallons. Is there anything to check in terms of pipers, or anything that can be done??? Or is the old one just built better?

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Could be a partially closed shutoff valve on your cold inlet of your water heater that is partially open or obstructed.

Also,,,,,,,your main valve could be partially open instead of fully open.
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I messed around with the pipe valves last night... no luck. All are open. Any other suggestions?

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