Backflow Preventer Problem


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Backflow Preventer Problem

I have a backflow preventer installed on both my outdoor water outlets, and this is the first time I'm turning the water on since last summer--and one of the outlets doesnt work. What I mean is, the water comes out, but it comes out of the top of the tap, which im guessing is the top of the backflow valve. On the other tap, the water comes out at the bottom (as usual) where the the hose can be hooked up.

How would I got about fixing this? I've tried twisting the whole assembly around both directions, and I've tried hitting the valve assembly upwards and a water at very low pressure started coming out of the bottom. Although, as soon as I shut it off and reopened it, the water was once again coming from the top
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From the sound of it yu have a Mansfield tipe of spigot. It has a gray plastic cover about 1 1/4" at the top and a plastic handle. It sounds like you may have left the hose on over the winter and when it freezes it may break the plastic "poppet" inside the backflow preventer. You can snap off that plastic cap and unscrew the b/f preventer to check it out. There's a little plastic poppet thgat should move freely. If you have to replace it you may have to buy a new spigot (find one just like it) and just replace the b/f preventer so you don't have to do any soldering!

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