washing machine hoses...burst?


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washing machine hoses...burst?

right now have traditional rubber hoses, but neighbor told me that i should get steel ones b/c the rubber ones burst ALL THE TIME and can fill your basement up pretty darm quick....it happened to her. Is she right? Are steel ones better?

Right now I'm all paranoid and shut off the valves when not in use!
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Yes, the much stronger stainless steel flex hoses are the way to go. Having said that, you should always turn off the water to the hoses when not in use.
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Everything wears out, burst all the time No. I've never seen a set burst in 40 years. You're supposed to shut the valve everytime you get done washing also. Are the ss braided hoses better? IMO yes but you'll pay more.
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I had a washer supply hose burst on me only once in 30 or so years of owning houses. Fortunately, someone was home at the time or we'd have had a real mess. I've used the steel braided hoses ever since. Yes, they cost more, but how many will you ever buy??

As for shutting off the valves every time, I don't know anybody who does that. If it made you feel better to do so, though, there's some sort of valve manifold thing available that shuts off both hot and cold water by throwing a single lever. I'm sure one of the professionals will chime in with what it's called.
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Look at Watt's 2-M2 or 2T-M2 valve. This is the single handle valve mentioned. The 2-M2 is compression fitting or solder and the 2T-M2 is solder or NPT.

People may also want to consider the Watt's intelliflow valve. This is an electric valve that supplies water only when the washing machine is on and pulling electricity. Otherwise, the unit automatically shuts the water off to the washer.

Hope this info helps...
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The web ads for Floodchek hoses sold me on them, and I installed a set. They certainly feel more substantial than the originals.

I've got to believe that my washer's automatic temperature control greatly increases the stress on the hoses. Instead of the water flow being abruptly stopped only once per fill, it's interrupted many times, as the machine cycles the hot or cold on & off to maintain the proper average water temperature.
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Yes, stainless steal braided hoses are good.

If you're turning off the valves after each use, check for slow leaks at the top of the valves. Could make a mess over time.

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