Pipes in exterior walls


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Pipes in exterior walls

I am removing a wall and need to move a drain pipe and two supply lines. I would like to move them to the exterior wall, it is a 2x4 wall...a) can i do this? b) if so what precautions do i need to take?
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russell3068, Welcome to the DIY Forums.
Anything is possible but you need to check with your local code office to see what you need in your area. The drain will need a vent attached. Supply lines are no problem. Most code offices have no problem letting you know what is legal. Good luck with your project..
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Some areas frown on water pipes run in exterior walls because of freezing. You don't give much information. Like majakdragon said, anything is possible. But, some things aren't practical.
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more info on exterior wall pipes

I talked with the building code office for our town this morning and they said putting pipes in the exterior walls is fine. I live in Chicago Area and am worried about freezing. The house is a two-story and pipes i want to move is where it runs through the first floor to a second floor bathroom. They are currently vented so I expected to reconnect that on the drain pipe. Do I need to consider insulating the supply lines?
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Do I need to consider insulating the supply lines?
That is a for sure yes "very very good". Will code let you put a heater tape on them in the wall there ? if so I would.

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I wouldn't recommend putting pipes in a 2X4 exterior wall in Chicago... unless you want to redoit every year.

As far as I know (I'm not a plumber) you can't put heat tape inside a wall in Chicago. It has to be exposed.
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Beyond insulating the pipe well you could consider either thicker walled copper pipe (L or even K) for resistance to rupture or PEX lines that would expand but not fracture. PEX may or may not be acceptable under your code regime.
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