gurgling sounds in sink


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Question gurgling sounds in sink

I have a gurgling sound coming from our kitchen sink and utility room sink. Recently a plumber put two vents in the toilet lines to vent the toilets. He told me that I only had one roof vent for the entire house. I have five sinks and three toilets in the house. Do I need to have vents installed in sink lines, such as were installed in the toilet lines? I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks! Ken
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What you describe certainly sounds like air being pulled through the laundry and kitchen sink traps. I assume you've run water to make sure those traps are full and sealed. If you do that and still have the gurgling, it sounds to me like the vents for those fixtures are not working (or non existent). I'm curious if you had this before the toilet vent was installed (but I wouldn't know what to say either way). On the other hand, if you didn't have a toilet vent, I wonder if you have any of the other vents you are supposed to have. I also wonder where water is running when you hear the gurgling. Is it all the itme, or just when the toilet is flushed or the shower running. In any case, yes, every fixture need to be vented one way or the other. You can join vents in the attic so you don't have to put another hole in the roof.
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Thanks so much! The sound is only when I use the kitchen sink or the utility room sink. I guess I need to tie into the pipe going to the roof vent. Thank you for your help. Ken

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