Gate Valve vs Ball Valve


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Gate Valve vs Ball Valve

For years the gate valve in my basement wound not shut the
water completely off. So whenever I went to fix a leak (like a
dripping faucet) it was a pain in the but. I replaced the gate valve
with a ball valve and problems are solved. Not a drip anywhere when
fixing a faucet. or I neet to turn the water off...just thought i would
pass that on.
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This is something everyone should know. When buying a ball valve for a main line especially, get a "full bore" ball valve. Some ball valves restrict the flow due to the way they are made. You can ask for "full bore/flow valves. They DO make them. The major problem with gate valves is that they get installed with the handle straight up. The "gate" seats in cut out in the bottom of the valve body. If the valve is usually open, then any debris in the pipe settles in this cut out and when you need to close it, it is blocked. I always install gate valves with the handle at least in a 45 angle. This way the water washes out the cut out and keeps debris from forming. All in all though, I prefer a ball valve.

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