Sewer Smell ?

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Dean Mitchell
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Sewer Smell ?

Hi don't mean to jump in but wanted to tell the person that its possible you have lots of debris built up in an adjacent pipe. Why now have a different plumber come out and snake all the drains remove all caps in your lower level and snake them out. At times food or other things can get trapped and build a pocket of materials that is fermenting. Also pour heavy duty drain opener in your drains, all the sinks and the floor drain minus your garbage disposal drain. Hang in there I know how frustrating these things get and that is a very offensive odor. There is a remote possibility that you main sewer line that goes to the street has a fracture or opening which would allow air to cause a suction or force of air back to the house, especially if your living on a hill. Air travels upward. Wishing you well to your situation. I hope this helps you! Its not always an easy diagnosis for a plumber. I've been doing it for over 20 years and usually instances like this require some detective work and can take a few trips to find it.
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Dean, Please answer in the post you are referring to. We are at a loss as to what you are talking about. Thanks.
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Dean Mitchell
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majakdragon sorry for the mass confusion I am referring to a post that now is mysteriously gone. I must be out of my mind but I click on it and its no longere here.. the one where the poor woman was having a hard time detecting a sewage odor and was unhappy with the the treatment she recieved from one of the people here I hope this heps!

Lady if your reading this, keep in mind what I had suggested - good luck to you!!! Remember things are not always as bad as they seem! I hope you get the respect and courtesy you deserve when seeking another plumber. Just remember its not always an easy task to detect things but a good plumber WILL locate th problem! Good luck to you!
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Sewer Smell??


We bought a house 4 months back and from day 1 we noticed this foul smell coming from all closets/kitchen cabinets and bathrooms. The source seems to be in the crawspace. I cant recognize the smell since We are the first time home buyers.

I have had pest control guys, plumbers, home inspector and a contractor crawl into the crawlspace including myself and found the smell to be coming from near the soil near 2 toilet connections. We sprayed lysol and few other things but the smell goes for couple of days and comes back.

Since I had several ppl crawl in, I have gotten a few theories. I am lost, have already spent $1000-$1500 on this with no real solution or even cause

Theory 1. Previous owner had sewer blockage, it was mentioned in the sellers inspection report, that may have seeped into the soil and causing the smell

Theory 2. Previous owner also had mice/rat activity in the crawlspace - poison, mice urine etc seeped into the soil causing the smell

Theory 3: I had a video camera run into the sewer line, I saw several cracks in the line from the toilet to the line going to the street underneath the driveway. Not sure if thats causing the gases to come back and cause smell

Theory 4: Just near the crawlspace entrance, there is a borrow/trench. Which seems deep. I had tried inserting the video camera from the sewer line, but camera was too big for the trench. So could only see a feet deep. But it seems to be going deeper. Plumber says its created due to the erosion from the rain water and its normal, lot of the older houses has it! Not sure if there is standing water underneath or any rodent activity. Trench doesnt smell or anything - but its a possibility

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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