suspicious hiss

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suspicious hiss

Greetings. I replaced seats and cartridges in a shower faucet, and turning the water back on. While checking for leaks and proper operation, I could hear a low hiss. I put my ear up to the hot water tap. Tiny bit of hiss. I then put my ear to the cold tap. Louder hiss. Hmm. It is an Emco rough-in and faucet set, and the knob that pulls out to engage the shower function is removeable while the water in the house is still on. I removed the mechanism. I could see the seat. When I listened to the pipe, the hiss was more clear and I could hear a slight gurgle mixed in with the hiss.

I presume I have a leak somewhere. I have checked all other water related receptacles around the house, and everything is dry. The house is set up with 3 bathrooms, one on each floor, stacked one above the next. The faucets in question are on the top floor, when I listen to the cold water faucet, I can hear the hiss, but quieter. And quiter still when I listen on the bottom floor.

I see no visual sign of a leak, no wet drywall, no dripping, no pools of water forming in the basement, no wet carpets. So before I start cutting out pieces of drywall, is there another explanation for this problem?

Thank you for the ideas!
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You might look at the water meter to see if there's an 'unaccountable flow'. If there is, turn off the angle stops at the toilets (those silent users of water) and check for meter movement again. Note the position of the smallest increment, and give it some time to move, say a half hour. Depending on how your house is valved you may be able to narrow down a leak, if there is one, using this method.

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