Proper PSI to blow out pipes

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Proper PSI to blow out pipes

I'm heading to the mountains to winterize my new cabin for the first time. One of the jobs is to blow out the supply pipes (copper with normal fixtures). I am unsure what PSI I should set my compressor regulator to for the job. One thread in this forum adamantly advises no greater than 60 PSI, while another advises 100 PSI. Will the lower pressure clear the lines adaquately? Would the higher pressure damage anything?
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If it was just the water lines by themselves, I would recommend 100, but since faucets and fixtures are tied to them, I would say no more than 60 since all faucets and fixtures are designed for water, not air but 60 would be a safe asessment to provide protection while clearing out the lines.

It will take a while to clear out the water lines; make sure you leave the faucets open for the winter to make sure that if any water does remain, it has room to expand when it freezes.
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When blowing out water lines for winter, the system will/should have at least one fixture open. Start bleeding the waterlines off at the closest fixture and go to the next as it is blowing air. Close that faucet and move to the next. This says that there is not total pressure on the line at any time. No matter how much pressure you use. If you KNOW how the pipes are run and that there are no "traps" in the water supply line, you can go with the lower pressure. If you are not sure, then the higher pressure should be used. It is also wise to use an RV antifreeze in the pipes to fill any low spots. This may seem like overkill but the first time you tear out paneling or other wall covering to fix the leak, it makes sense. Don't forget the anti-freeze in all the fixture traps. Also drain the water heater. Not sure where you are starting at as far as your starting point. Are you disconnecting the waterline from the well or city water? Reason I ask is, you want to start at one end of the cabin and work your way to the last fixture. Good luck and reply back with any further questions.

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