Garbage Disposal backs waste to other sink

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Question Garbage Disposal backs waste to other sink

Hi there,
I live in miltary housing and recently got a new garbage disposal installed in our quarters. I can call for another work order, but I prefer to try it out myself, if I can.

When I turn on the disposal, it always backs up into the other sink. I get sprayed with old yuck stuff. It does, literally, spray fast and straight up at the beginning of me turning on the disposal. As the disposal does it's work and I have run it for more than just a few seconds, there is no longer yuck stuff coming out of the other drain. This is the first issue.

The second issue, which may be related to the first, is that just about every time I turn on the faucet in the sink that has the disposal, I have to turn on the disposal to have the water, etc, go down. It will go down on it's own, but it goes down slowly.

I have put my hand down the disposal, there doesn't seem to be any parts missing that I can feel. There is no odd sound from the disposal when I use it. It sounds as if it is running normal.

I do have 4 kids and it is very possible , that there is something there in the sink or disposal that shouldn't be..... But like I said, if it is something that I may be able to tackle, then I would like to try it. If I need to call in a work order for the appliance tech to come back out, then I will do that also.

I would rather not call him, as he talks down to me and I don't appreciate it.

Thanks for any advice.

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Garbage disposal prob.

You have a double bowl sink, right? I think that you have a clog in your waste line, using the garbage disposal and it can't get down the line fast enough it will look for the least amount of resistance which is the other sink. The second issue indicates the same prob., without putting anything in the disposal but water indicates a stoppage if you have to run it to drain. I don't know what you have installed piping wise but this is the best that I can do with your info. Lots of luck.
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I will ask you a few things and this may help find the problem.
If you do have a double bowl sink does the other side drain ok like it shoud or is it as slow?

Did you have a problem like this before you had the disposal installed?
Was this a immedate prolem or something that happened over time?

If it's happened over time then it may be the clog in the line. Try a plungher, fill both sinks half way with water and plung you may work it loose.

have to go now will check with you later. I have a call to run
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It may be that the person who installed the disposer failed to install a "Disposal Tee" at the other sink. See diagram here:

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