Pressure Drop = Leaking Baseboard? Help!

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Pressure Drop = Leaking Baseboard? Help!


We have a sealed recirculating baseboard heat system, where the pipe (unfortunately) runs under the house except where the baseboard is connected/exposed. The boiler has recently started shutting itself off due to the water pressure dropping until it reaches zero.

The gas serviceman after a lenghty checkout of the boiler says this must be due to a water leak in the system somewhere. There is no leak at the boiler, and no leak that i can see at any of the baseboard fixtures.

Question is: Is this the likely answer, that there is a leak in the pipe somewhere? If so, whats the best way for me to approach this? Are there any 'tricks' to locating the leak? We have a fairly large area thats covered by the baseboards1600+sf, and the house is over a slab in some areas and mostly inaccessible crawlspace in others. Theres a couple small spots where the wood flooring has been removed in the past where i can stick my head and a flashlight in to look around, but its mostly away from where the baseboards run.

Water pressure in the rest of the house is normal. And boiler runs fine otherswise until it loses pressure. (edit) The pressure gauge and relief valve were replaced with no effect on the problem.

Any and all suggestions and help appreciated - Thanks!

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ok after 4 hours on looking around, i found the leak, luckily in one of the few semi-accessible areas under the floor. not its just to figure out if i can make the repair or not...
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I amj sure someone here can help with the repair or at least give you options. Make sure to give the type of material the piping is made of. Good luck.
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well its copper pipe, it runs from the baseboard heater, down through the floor and through a drilled hole in a 2x6 board. there are 2 bends, the leak is underneath and between the two bends. the first is where it meets the concrete footer and another where it connects to the return pipe.

im not a plumber, but i have done copper pipe connections, installed my own water heater etc. its just in a really tight spot. im wondering if i can just cut the pipe and use flexible if it will fit through the wood beam? since theres very little room to work. also with all the wood around, i dont know if i like the idea of using a torch to make the new connections there. any suggestions welcomed!

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