Mysterious pipe poking into bathroom


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Mysterious pipe poking into bathroom

I've got an upstairs bath that I'm ready to floor with ceramic. If you sit on the potty and stretch your leg out, you'll put your foot on a ~4" round screwed-on floor plate which is a cover for a vertical flush-mounted pipe. This bath is the highest in the house, so I'm wondering if it's a vent. The house was built in 1950. I"d like to start putting down the wonderboard, but I'm 'wondering' if I should cap it off or cutout the wonderboard and tile and keep it intact. It sure looks crummy and I'd like to be rid of it; I’m afraid my small kids will discover it and drop ‘fun things’ down the pipe, but the last time I removed something that I didn't comprehend, it was the deadend hot and cold 'shock absorbers' ( ~12" of closed-end pipe at the highest point ) to prevent water hammer and I'm still wacking myself in the head for that one.

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Hobiedog, Welcome to the DIY Forums.
That cover "sounds" like a coverplate for a cleanout. You often see them in stores and public places. Sometimes on the floor and sometimes on a wall. I have to ask about this cap and pipe. If you remove the cover, is the pipe open or does it have a cap that seals the opening of the pipe? I have not seen a clean-out where the brass cover seals the pipe. Usually there is a cap or brass plug IN the opening (threaded). Let us know. Good luck.
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Mysterious pipe

When the screw-cap is removed, you can see into the pipe; there is no other plug. I now see some internet references to a 'barrel trap', which this seems to be.
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If it's a drum trap, you would be able to see an inlet & outlet, and if it's in active use, you could run water in the tub & watch it pass through.

If you have a digital camera, you could post a picture (worth a thousand words) at

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