Just moved... water questions

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Question Just moved... water questions

My family moved into a 10-year-old house over Thanksgiving. As we adjust to the new environment, I've noticed two water related items that are of interest:
1) There seems to be a lot of particle build up in the aerators in every faucet in the house. The particles are white and dissolve when crushed between my fingers. I've cleared out the aerators, only to have them build up again within days. Is this calcium? How can I manage this situation?
2) The aerators (even when cleaned) don't seem to add much air to the water coming out of the faucets. The water comes out in more of a clear "stream" than I'm accustomed to. Is this indicative of a water pressure problem? Or something else?

FWIW, the water supply pipes are copper, and we get our water from the county.
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The particles sound like calcium. You may want to drain and flush the water heater. This should be done once a year anyways. If you have a gas water heater, you will probably hear a crackling sound when the burner is on. This is deposits sitting on the bottom of the tank and the heat has to go through them before it can heat the water. Saves money when you flush and drain.
You can purchase an inexpensive pressure gauge at Home Centers that attaches to an outside faucet to check the water pressure. 40 to 80 pounds is normal. Aerators are cheap. I would replace your current ones. Deposits could also be collecting in the shut-off valves below sinks. You can turn off the valve, disconnect the supply tube and then hold a rag over the valve and turn it on and off 2 or 3 times to clear out the valve. Good luck.

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