smelly bathroom cloudy water in toilet bowl

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smelly bathroom cloudy water in toilet bowl

There is a strange smell coming from my bathroom. I am not 100% certain it is coming from the toilet, but I've noticed that the toilet bowl water has become slightly cloudy. The gas or fumes smells similar to a giant burp(!) or almost solvent-like smell and irritates my eyes - though my aged landlords can't smell it at all so I need to solve this on my own. If I don't sleep with my door closed and my window open, I wake up with red irritated eyes.
The toilet appears to flush properly, and as my landlord pointed out doesn't seem to suck air. I live in the city (Vancouver), on the second floor of a 100 year old house. There are also some pipes that can be accessed through the bathroom and I thought for a while that the smell was coming from that area. Hard to tell.
But the toilet water is definetly cloudier and I think it's the source of the smell. I would like to get rid of this smell (and the presence of whatever gas this is) since I'm certain it is bad for my health!
Thanks for any suggestions, I am at my whit's end! -PS I am absolutely certain it is NOT a Natural Gas or Propane smell.
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The two problems do not go together unless there is something wrong with the water supply. Have you smelled your water supply from various faucets? Is all your water cloudy or just the toilet?
The smell could be a bad wax seal on the toilet or a broken vent line. The wax seal would not show up (necessarily) as a leak. If the seal broke, it could be letting sewer gas come into your home from under the toilet. Sewer gas contains Methane gas. It is not only unpleasant smelling, it is flammable. Good luck.

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